Bacari has taken over the cozy Sofi space on 3rd. Any reports yet?

I’m just very excited to see the word Cicchetti in LA. And that space has been a long time favorite.

the Americana location is pretty good for what it is - significantly better than I expected.

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sorry? this is a chain?

There are a bunch of locations - by USC, at the mall in Glendale, Playa Del Rey. The food is fine but not all that interesting or exciting. It’s extremely all over the place - pizza, tacos, lamb kebabs. The space is absolutely beautiful, though.


IMO you go to Bacari to get drunk at a “fun” place with a full cocktail bar. The fact that the food is better than average for this type of establishment is a bonus. Menu is good when you have groups.

It’s the kind of place you take your coworkers after a team building event.

Nemroz, I predict you’ll hate it. lol


Since i’m thinking about a place to host my birthday, this might actually fit the bill perfectly. Just need ok food, drinks and a fun cozy environment where we can bring kids. Checking a lot of boxes! And we can walk. I definitely know how to turn my food snob mode off.


I go to Americana more often than I’d like (kids love it) and have always avoided Bacardi cause I just assumed it sucked. I may try it now.

All, the simple steps to enjoy Bacari:

  1. Set expectations appropriately
  2. Bring friends
  3. Get drunk
  4. Eat food to soak up alcohol
  5. Order more drinks