Backyard cornucopia

Last spring I put these two boxes in the backyard along with a greywater system to irrigate them. I made some beginner mistakes with the summer planting, i.e. do not put cucumbers and squash in the same box as they will strangle each other. However the winter lettuces and greens are going crazy. Very delicious.


Great gardening. Any plans for chickens?

No my sister-in-law, who has a much bigger property, has fifty chickens so we get great, just laid organic eggs from the happiest chickens ever. I can’t even eat commercial eggs any more.

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looks great! the best veggies are the ones you grow yourself.
(wishing I still had a yard for a garden……)

I wish you did as well. The greens are spectacular. Its interesting that the bugs love the collards and the kale and ignore the lettuces. Who knew?

At any rate hoping you get to plant your own in the new year!

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Garden pests have the preferences. I grow Chinese veggies (kailan and baby bok choy) for one reason: the pests like them far more than eating my other plants. They destroy much of the leaves. But then the birds come in and eat them up. The plants recover, attracting bugs again. The birds return. In the meantime, my other plants suffer little damage. It’s the “circle of life”.

That sounds like “extreme companion planting”. Well done! I was afraid I would have to put in netting when I put the boxes in, but so far it hasn’t been needed. Occasionally my tomatoes in the breezeway will suffer a little squirrel damage, but all in all I have been very lucky.

Where did you purchase your boxes? Those are beautiful. I’m looking for boxes for this year.

I made them. 2X6 redwood 2X4 ledges and a 2X4 pressure treated base. I have three smaller ones in the breezeway for tomatoes. Its a very straightforward design. I got the original plans online and modified it for my space requirements.

Thanks for the inspiration. I can do that! I’ll start researching. They are exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you. Stacy

I am more than willing to give you the plans, and help in any way I can. Just give me the dimensions you want and I will send you a breakdown. Its very straightforward. Only took a couple of hours.

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Oh dear…I used straightforward twice in this thread…bad writing.

That is so nice of you! Thank you. Ok, let me figure out the right sizes and I’ll circle back. Thank you! Stacy BTW, where are you?