Bad Burrito List on EaterLa

Eater’s lists are usually pretty spot-on but I think they blew it with burritos

To be fair, I couldn’t have done much better, and don’t know a ton a places I would suggest for burritos (not really my thing), though I would have put Tacomiendo on this list, well over the other WLA choices.
Poquito Mas has been truly terrible, IMHO, for years.

As a burrito fan, I can confirm, they kinda blew it. I mean, LA isn’t the best for burritos to begin with … but come on, Eater! Even in just WLA, I think one can do better.

I’m not the biggest fan of Tacomiendo’s burritos myself. Then again, it’s been a while since I ordered anything but the soft tacos there. May have to give the burrito another try …

I wouldn’t say Poquito Mas is terrible. The veggie burrito (I add sour cream) is actually pretty solid. They grill the thing so the ingredients aren’t ice cold like so many places. But I agree the meats are poor. Just tasteless protein.

Along Westwood, I’d rather go to Eduardo’s for a spicy chicken or steak Border Burrito, or the El Gallito truck for asada.

Also, Sonoritas Prime over on Sawtelle just started serving burritos. The basic burrito is very simple with just meat, cheese, tomatoes, and (for some inexplicable reason) mayonnaise. Pretty tasty with their carne asada – minus the mayo. Wish they would use pico de gallo and guacamole instead, though.

I think I may need to start Bigmouth’s Burrito Blog lol.

Ewwww, mayoniasa on burritos ?

Sonoritas is quite tasty.
Forgot that one.
The carne asada at Tacomiendo is pretty good for me, good rice/guacamole and a grilled scallion on top. Plus good chew on the tortilla.

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I need to try Sonoritas and Tacomiendo, thanks for those.

This is certainly a hard map because LA’s burrito production is lackluster compared to its tacos. What specifically would you have omitted from this map?

If I couldn’t do better than Tito’s Tacos, and Oki Dog, I’d have stopped writing the piece, or changed it to “Places I ate 'cause I was REALLY drunk…”

I’m surprised they got TVC in there, 'cause that’s the realo dealo.

Are chimichangas considered burritos?

If so, the flank steak chimichangas at Bizarra Capital should be at the top of the list.

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Beef roll at Flavor Garden should be on the list.



“I may not have been sure about what really did interest me, but I was absolutely sure about what didn’t.”
― Albert Camus


I’m pretty sure he didn’t like rice in his burritos either.


Oki Dog.

What’s better than a all meat and cheese tito’s burrito?

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It’s so hard not to get the tacos I havent had a burrito in decades. Maybe I should try one again.

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Revisionism bears no weight re les burritos.

No Orange Chicken Burrito!!!

Could be a nomination for next months DOTM . Burrito’s , The good , The bad ,and the ugly .


Smart man, it’s just filler.

haha! that might merit inclusion on the next update of this map

yeah that bean & cheese is pretty glorious

This yellow man resents that remark. :smile: