BAGELS.... and more bagels

Help. Moved from South Bay to Venice and other than the great pricy ones at Gjusta I can’t find good Bagels anywhere. Not a fan of the Costco bagels. Was a fan of Manhattan Bread and Bagel in Manhattan Beach. Can someone point me in a direction? Thanks….

Where in the south bay did you get good bagels?

You have to travel to the Bagel Factory on Robertson or hope the Yeastie Boys will swing down your neighborhood.


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Thanks, I used to like Manhattan Bread and Bagel in MB.

bagel factory on my shitlist for giving me lox spread on cinnamon raison instead of on pumpernickel (innocent mistake)…but not refunding.

the brooklyn water bagel on s. beverly used to be good but now doesn’t do rye or pumpernickel, my preference…

and lastly,

the brooklyn bagel on beverly and alvarado or so just had a fire or got closed down by the city for something…

so…keep me posted basically…im down to the bagel broker and despite the love just not chewy enough for me.

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There is a Brooklyn Water Bagel in Westchester that I sometimes go to.

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Anyone know the name of the bakery that bakes the bagels for Wexler’s?

Does anyone go the Western Bagel on Santa Monica Blvd in WLA? I have not been years.

I used to work by the Bagel Broker and they’re pretty good. My favorite LA bagel (although not remotely on the west side—sorry) is Sam’s on Larchmont. They’re a big larger than I would prefer, but usually have good chew.

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Milo & Olive

Western Bagel (Santa Monica Blvd. & Barry)…

My recommendation for you is THAT Western Bagel.

i like how at bagel broker and sams you can special order the smaller bagels (if they don’t already have some)…they’re good for kids or grown ups that want to have 4 bagels…ive had both spots make em up for kiddy things…can’t say im getting the strawberry cream cheese tho.

you can special order smaller bagels??? Overly small—like those app size bagels or what used to be regular size bagels?

I’d be happy w/ bagels the size that they used to be in the 60’s/even 70’s (yes—I’m willing to sound like a grumpy old chick)

Maybe 3" so bigger than bagel bites smaller than lenders…well maybe lenders size. Been a while.

sounds like a great item for brunch parties----thanks!

Benji at bagel broker will hook it up

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I like the ones from New York Bagel and Deli.


Bagel Nosh in BH makes a very good kettle boiled bagel.

I broke down and bought 1/2 dozen bialys at Gjusta this morning. Expensive yes $10, but they are truly wonderful. And the marinated octopus was so beautiful I had to take a photo…


New York Bagel and Deli on Wilshire in SM is purported to make the bagels for Wexlers, though it is according to Wexler’s recipe. The bagels at NYB&D remind me of I & Joy (though it’s been such a long time) right down to the strange-looking bialy’s.

I think they have another location on Sepulveda near National?

My favorite is Original Brooklyn Water Bagel in Westchester and in BH, but these at NYB&D are quite nice.