Bainbridge Island Eats

A trip on a ferry is a quintessential Seattle tourist trip. For a couple of hours, it’s worthwhile to hop on the ferry and see the sights and skyline of Seattle. The island itself is quaint with one major main street with various businesses to peruse.
We were a little hungry, so we snacked while we were on the island. We tried a lemongrass pork banh mi at Thuy’s Roosters Cafe. It was okay. I would have preferred some Maggi in the banh mi and more flavor in the pork. It was a bit strange, it had the red trim to simulate char siu/BBQ pork, but the taste was confusing because I couldn’t really taste BBQ pork, but I could taste lemongrass…it could have had more flavor, though. The pickled vegetables were very good…reminiscent of my Mom’s. Our kids tried the housemade lime soda, which was very refreshing, and the strawberry-banana smoothie, which was made with fresh cut fruit.
We stopped by Blackbird Bakery where my husband found a gelato pie that was more key lime pie than gelato. The custard was rich and thick and had a nice lime flavor, while the crust was made with mix of graham crackers and gingersnap cookies. I found that we both rather liked it. Our oldest got a decorated and iced alligator sugar cookie…it was truly cute, and he really enjoyed it.
Seeing so many tasting rooms on the street, we decided to try the Eleven Winery Tasting Room. The server working the tasting room was very kind and sweet. We had previously tasted Washington wines of various different price points, but have never been impressed. Since we were here, we decided to give it another shot, and came away with the same opinion. The wines here felt like they were not fully developed and they left us wanting more. Sorry Washington wines, Napa is still king.

I’ll tack this on here as I didn’t post a couple of years ago.

Cafe Nola is also on the main drag a little further down and we loved it. It was a gorgeous day so sat on their shaded terrace.

Just so people are clear, the ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge is only about a half hour so really easy to do it and other things (besides eating!!!) :slight_smile:

Eleven tasting room on the main part of Bainbridge - Yes, she is certainly very nice. The wines are just fine though.

I highly recommend Hitchcock - check it out the next time you are there.

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No pictures but I very much enjoyed Coquette Bake Shop on Winslow Way - fresh baguettes and the most pleasant buttery oatmeal cookies. Maybe the best bakery I’ve been to in Seattle thus far.

Mora Iced Creamery was tasty - sorbets definitely a highlight. I got the seasonal orange sorbet with chocolate and gianduja.


Can you eat at Suquamish Seafood or is it takeout only?

I’m heading to ONP via Bainbridge & then driving across the peninsula over thanksgiving/November holidays… I was planning to stop at S.S. en route to takeout some of their famous smoked salmon from the Columbia River + cooked Dungeness, since I know food options are limited and mostly expensive/underwhelming within the park – but I was also hoping to have some fresh shucked local oysters for lunch that day. I’m curious if they’ll put together a platter to eat on site, or if I’ll need to buy gloves and a shucking tool and have a car picnic?