Baja Craft Beer Event in Balboa Park

This may be your opportunity to taste some of the craft beer (FN…stop reading here) without having to cross the border. The Mingei is having a Baja Beer Craft tasting on Friday, Nov 13th from 6 - 9 pm. $20 if you’re a member of the Mingei or $25 if you’re not.

I have no affiliation with either the Mingei (let my membership lapse a few years go) or any of the craft brewers in Baja.

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Thanks for the link, DD. I had to drill down on the site, but at the moment the list of participating “craft” breweries is unpopulated.

I know that there are numerous small local breweries in Mexico, but didn’t realize there were many (if any) in Baja. Sounds interesting.

By the way, how come if a brewery is small, it’s “craft”, but not so for tiny wineries?? (As most who know me know, I don’t like the word “craft” for anything, but I guess it’s stuck in the case of beers.)

I guess vintners like the sound of boutique better than craft?

There are actually quite a few craft beers coming out of Baja at the moment. The ones I’ve had have been quite nice

Dave and I might go to this, thank you for the link.