Baja - Valle de Guadalupe summer '23 recs

Anyone been recently and had something great? Gonna be there next week so we’re looking for some recs of what’s new and good in VdG. Haven’t been to Baja since November and we tend to stick to our usual spots: Troika F. Altozano/Animalón/Lupe, Deckman’s/Conchas, Ochento’s, Doña Esthela, Kous Kous.

Last I heard on Laja had taken a dive. True? La Justina was only ok. I would eat the burger again if I had a hankering.

Couple of spots we haven’t tried but are considering: Lunario, Salvaje, Fauna, BajaMed, Baja Omakase, Merak… Apart from Ochento’s we’ve never been anywhere in San Antonio so it’s pretty unexplored territory.


A bit out of date but had a great meal at Fauna right before the pandemic. Went to a wedding at Bruma catered by Fauna. The food was amazing and way better than most weddings I’ve been to.