Banned from Chowhound?

How many people here have been banned from Chowhound? I’ve seen a couple of mentions.

I got a note from some CBS employee that posting about this site was a violation of the guidelines and that if I did it again I’d be banned.

That’s a lie about the guidelines, though. Since the announcement a while back that CBS was “inviting the industry to the discussion” or whatever, they have had had no problem with people promoting other sites or their blogs or whatever so long as it was in the context of a discussion and not just spam.

Banned for two weeks . I don’t think I’m going back . Probably because I gave them so much shit about the website .



been a while and nice to connect with fellow hounds.


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That’s exactly why I stopped posting on CH. They were letting trolls run rampant but censoring long time contributors.

These threats only confirm its time to move on from CH.

Thanks again for setting this up Robert. I’ll be in SF this weekend and will try to add a couple of topics on The Progress and Atelier Crenn.

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Updated my website info at CH.


Bobby is it possible to get banned from this site too for fucking crying out loud ???

And that ain’t no fucking joke.


Hey Portos, I remember you. Hope you’re doing great.

Any new dope fucking sushi recs ???

Thanks man.

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i was banned.

i still have their emails if anyone any interest in trying to figure out their baloney.

Just clicked on CH for the first time in 3 days (for sh*ts & giggles) - First thing I see - a GIANT gif-style ad for an major (non-food) TV network show in the background.

No more clicking needed on that site.

could that network have been, perchance, CBS (as in: CBS interactive)?

No need to give any free publicity to any entitities (ahem)…

also banned. but banned long before the current brouhaha.

I’m not proud to say that I’ve never been banned. What was I doing wrong?


I was banned for a bit for being critical of the Kevin ban. Good to see him back.


Not banned but on thin ice. I’m foodiex2 over there


banned a few times, scolded like I was a misbehaving toddler a few times, but still allowed…not on the kill list yet. (does anyone figure our presence here will result in retribution there?)

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This is already so so so much better . FREEDOM !!!


i was banned, but like tony, long before this current business. and, like
westsidegal, have saved some delightful emails from those alleged people.

Did someone say banned? We shall see how many of the disenchanted join Galt’s Gulch.


howdy. after several suspensions and with the new, quite trigger-happy mod team, i got myself banned.

given what a shit show the site has been since the beta went online, i’m almost glad they made that decision for me…