Bara-Chirashi Platinum at Sushi Tsujita (Lunch): A Pictorial Essay

Spectacular in presentation, with bafun uni AND murasaki uni, ebi, yellowtail, and steamed awabi, and a generous amount of tuna, hikarimono, ikura, and really nice rice, this chirashi-don is worth the $45 price tag. It comes with a refreshing bowl of seaweed dashi broth, AND included is a nice piece of kasutera-style tamagoyaki to finish lunch off right. Gochisosama deshita!

A very satisfying midday meal…


Grrrrr I need to work closer to West LA… My recent chirashi @ Takuya (Pasadena) pales in comparison

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omg that’s the chirashi box? that looks obscene(ly good).

Is that 4 giant pieces of ebi?

Humongous ebi. Times 4.

Is that my fucking tamagoyaki that I’m eyeing ???

What a fucking site for sore eyes.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

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Do they serve lunch on Saturdays too ???

If it’s dope fucking bafun uni then each piece is valued around 10 bucks per fucking piece.

Can’t make it that far on fucked up weekdays.

That’s fucking NSFW

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my goodness that’s beautiful. Wish there was a watch for scale. Approximately how big is that “bowl”?

I’m wondering that, too. Looks more like a suitcase! :wink:

Using traditional Japanese units of measurement, my lunch box measured approximately 0.7544 shaku.

Hope that helps.

Indeed. I thought of you as I contemplated it, kevin. For like a millisecond.

just a fucking millisecond ???

any clue on whether i can just pop into the fucking joint and grab two or three of those fucking tamagoyaki to go ???

let’s be fucking real. that’s what i;m fucking after, and that ain’t no fucking joke. :slight_smile:

ie about the size of an average apartment in tokyo

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Alrighty, I will post an additional photo for purpose of depicting scale:


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Looks like 108 cubic inches…

Oh that looks good!

Our lunch omakase at Tsujita this summer was really good–oddly enough I didn’t fully appreciate it until we ate not too soon after at Sushi Sushi and Sasabune BH (the former much better than the latter). Both meals threw into relief the much higher quality at Tsujita in every element of the meal and made me realize how limited/limiting my habit of counting the number of pieces served to compare sushi meals is.

That being said, this chirashi looks like a very good value too.

thanks for the tip – enjoyed this with my friends today. I really enjoyed how there were also more finely diced up cubes of octopus and other neta for textural and flavor contrast underneath the bigger pieces above the rice…the clams were also remarkable in their texture, almost like shitake. saw several other guests all enjoying the same dish. mellow scene there and no crowd or wait. i guess a $45 lunch will do that…but it was a damn nice treat and my first trip to tsujita sushi. It’s not cheating on shunji-san if i just get the chirashi!

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Thanks for reporting back! You’ve discovered the “hidden gems” under the top layer of food in that box - Great job in your “excavation”, my friend.

I cannot help but think how many people saw my post on FTC and decided to have the same dish there today along with you. Nah, prolly just coincidence…

Shunji won’t get mad - he knows your gullet belongs to him. :smile:

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You’ve done well JL – lead on brotha.

i did exchange pleasantries and had a nice discussion with another gent and noted where i saw the dish online and mentioned it to the itamae too.

Shunji won’t get mad - he knows my wallet belongs to him :frowning:

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yes very, thanks!