Barbacco - SF

Lunch yesterday - it was my first time there for lunch, and first “food” visit there in some time.

(1) TIBERIO trebbiano d’abruzzo - a delicious glass of wine, to go along with some shared
(2) bruschette - we shared 3 - the MARINATED MELON prosciutto / mint; BROCCOLI RABE mozzarella / calabrian chili pepper; and ROASTED HEN OF THE WOODS MUSHROOMS parmigiano - all very good but the mushrooms were the star.

Followed by
(3) BOROLI “QUATTRO FRATELLI” barbera d’alba - this fell a little flat for me but was ok enough - it might have been because of the bruschette flavor explosion.
(4) Sandwich - “PORCHETTA” roasted pork loin / arugula peach / basil / provolone piccante - an extremely tasty sandwich.

I’m not in the City for lunch very often, but this now is in my top handful of lunch spots in the Financial District, and provides a great option for top rate food in a less formal setting / less formal menu.

Agreed! I, to, am not in the City very often for lunch, but it’s one of our faves . . .