Bardot Brasserie - Aria

Has the best fries in Vegas right now. And their prime rib burger is fantastic with that red wine sauce.

Another great meal at Bardot and is on my rotation now. Also had some oysters for an app and they were great precursor.

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Does it come with a side of Bridget Bardot too ???

the fries were fantastic…

but damnit if that burger wasn’t a huge disappointment at $20… I can’t remember what was exactly wrong w/ it, but it was like… wtf just happened here, bad patty vs bread ratio, just not as beefy as I expected, etc. etc.

the place is pretty as heck though.

My first trip to Bardot I was pleasantly surprised by the steak frites and escargot, but it was those damn fries that made me come back.

So my second trip I wanted something with fries included because of the absurd charge for a side of fries their. I did enjoy the burger though, especially that sauce mixture.

But for me, the star of the show at both my meals were those damn fries.

That side is going to cost you.

it was last winter, but i remember stopping into bardot with a pal after a long day and evening
of horking down cocktails…hell, everywhere.

the food was damn good, if i recall correctly. i think we had some tartare and maybe an alsatian
tart or something. good bread.

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cocktails sound pretty fucking dope.

which joints ???

From April 18, 2015:

Lunch @ Bardot Bistro, 4/18: MUCH better than db bistro (or Bouchon), with everything – from the room to (more importantly) the food taking me back to France. My omelet was a tad overcooked, but that was the only negative in an otherwise delicious meal – more than made up for by the endless supply of French rosé didn’t hurt . . . .

oh its a blur. in vegas i dig the bar near the lobby at the cosmopolitan and a place off the strip called herbs and rye , i think.

Not sure what this has to do with having lunch or dinner at Bardot Bistro, but the name of the bar near the main lobby of The Cosmopolitan is called “Vesper” – at the opposite end is the Chandelier Bar.

Herbs & Rye is on West Sahara.

yeah, I do believe someone did glowingly mention Herbs and Rye.

thanks man.

herbs and rye was the BOMB.

and by bomb I mean drinking way too many cocktails next to some bunnies/strip… I mean dancers, throwing up on the sidewalk, sleeping in the backseat upside down til 3am, etc.

vesper’s cocktails were nice, but it’s just… too Cosmo/casino for me.

Also, apparently Tokyo365 is the latest “go-to” cocktology joint? Haven’t been able to visit.

damn, I really gots to hit up this fucking herbs and rye.

and not only for the fucking cocktails.

cocktials tasty ??? or just the bunnies, strippers, or sluts (and I ain’t talking about the egg-y varietals). or am I ???

thanks man.

eh, i think vesper’s cocktails are better than nice. you ask the
barmen (or woman) to go off book and they do a helluva job.

and, i’m old and fat, and like casinos. and looking at pretty young people.
especially with a very, very well made cocktail or four in me.

duly noted about tokyo365. i will perhaps give it a go in december, but
the concept of “members only” makes my butthole twitch.

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potentially another fucking quote of the day.

I love me some fucking delicious eye candy and then some.

and a drank, or 11.

What cocktails do you usually get from Vester ???

we really should take this off the bardot thread so as not to

that being said, most times i just say, “make me a drink, please,” we chat a bit, and then they
have at it.
in the morning, it’s a ramos fizz all the way.

ramos gin ???

I love those with a side of pancakes and some scrambled eggs.

It’s a great drink.

Ok, I’m adding that Vesper Cosmopolitan and the Herbs and Rye to my next trip to parts Vegas.

“What happens … when it never comes the way you want it? Like music that never reaches a pitch? What do you do? Go on singing songs and drinking Ramos Gin Fizzes.”

  • Lizabeth Scott, from the 1947 movie Dead Reckoning
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fucking dope.

thanks for the recs man.

I guess I owe you fish and chips from Wilie’s in Burbank.

musso and frank does a great one.