Barney Greengrass - UWS

I used to brunch at their west coast outpost in LA’s Barneys and grew very fond of the sturgeon. Saddened when they shuttered a few years ago.I finally got a chance to dine at the original location today. Absolutely loved it! Well prepared food, very good coffee. Nostalgic old school deli setting, appears as if nothing has been updated since it opened in the early 1900s. As far as I could tell, virtually devoid of tourist unlike the more famous R&D or Katz. Pretend you’re a local and order a cup of borshct and latkes to start.

Truly one of the most authentic “NYC” experiences I’ve had so far. Another one for my personal essential NYC restaurant list.

That was one of our first faves over ten years ago. Glad you liked it. Within walking distance of our apartment.

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I loved Greengrass when I was on the Upper West Side a few years ago.