Baroo anyone been?

Baroo was just listed on the JB list.

Wanted to see if anyone has been/their thoughts?

I recall earlier one poster saying that they thought it was pretty meh, but would like to hear from everyone.

Try Search next time Upper Right Corner Magnifying Glass Icon. :slightly_smiling:

Some FTC’ers have indeed, tried it:


I really dig Baroo. But some I’ve sent there “don’t get it” or can’t really appreciate the value to price or quality of ingredients Kwang delivers. I’m a fermenter, so it’s easier for me to grasp.

It’s supposed to be a one year experiment, so who knows when he’ll pull up the “mat”.

I’d read this terrific Eater article on the concept before going:

…and yes, I’d pay for that little piece of shortbread over and over again!

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I make apple cider, I’m a fermenter. My grams made rice wine hooch. She a fermenter, or nah?

And da F does that have to do with anything? My mom’s kimchi can beat up his kimchi. Her fried rice makes me wanna drive a Kia. Somebody give her tweezers, a restaurant and some white press. (Sorry BRod, I love you but… )

Is that rude enough, @WesSabi? :wink:

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oh we care about the colour of the press now?

and as for “BRod I love you” that’s just perverse and inexplicable.

so is baroo a “white person restaurant”?

I loved my experience at Baroo and wish it was closer to me, so I could eat there more often.
You can read about my experience:

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I’ve been making my own sauerkraut and fermented hot sauce, and a lot of my favorite restaurants in the SF Bay Area do interesting things with fermentation, so I’m really curious to try this place.

I think it’s definitely worth trying.

In retrospect, I think what tainted my view (and review) of the place was that I expected simply updated Korean fare and what we got was something along the lines of experimental fusion cuisine using Korean ingredients as a base and fermentation as the building blocks.

I’ve read several pieces about the place and definitely don’t expect the food to be very Korean.

Many of the dishes sound like things they might serve at Bar Tartine in SF.

Maybe, but in this case sounds can be deceiving. In fact, in this case, sounds can be completely wrong.

Alright well you guys convinced me to go. I’ll report back!