Barra Santos

new portuguese restaurant in cypress park from the folks who brought us found oyster. it’s pretty small and has almost the exact same layout as found oyster, long narrow space with bar and sidewalk seating. a portuguese wine bar with snacks in a gentrifying neighborhood is a hamsta’s paradise. menu is limited for now, hopefully they’ll add sardines, anchovies, clams and chorizo.

opening night was packed. they don’t take reservations. I would wait a bit until the hype dies down or come early.

wine list

iberico ham

omorro azores cow’s milk cheese, seeded baguette

head on prawns, vinho verde, garlic, marash chili, parsley

maria’s bacalhau fritters, salt cod, potato & caramelized onion

tuna crudo, meyer lemon, orange, olive oil, black pepper

piri piri chicken, confit whole leg, spicy piri piri sauce, frisée

bifana - pork sandwich, marinated w. urfa chilis, paprika & coriander, herb sauce

spiced almond cake, citrus zest, creme fraîche

Barra Santos
1215 Cypress Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90065


Is “barra” pronounced “ba ha”? That would be Brazilian Portuguese but I don’t know about Portuguese Portuguese."

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That’s right. BA-ha SAHN-toose.

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Can’t wait to try it! How were the bolinhos? They look great.

Was pretty happy here today. Obvious gentrification issues aside, this is a really cool spot—that in a weird way feels like it could be integral to a neighborhood.


what was the crowd sitch?

There at 5:15, they let me stand at one of those side table things and order, and then 15 minutes later they sat me at the bar.

Welp, the move here after revisiting yesterday is the pork sandwich and maybe the endive salad. Just really good wine bar food. There are crowds here in the early evening, but nothing crazy. From what I can tell, this is not going to be a Found Oyster situation. It’s also not like the early days of Bub and Grandmas.

I went at opening because we were meeting a friend with a baby and needed to procure an outdoor table–and by the time we were leaving at 6:00, there were still a handful of outdoor tables available.


Went there the Sunday before July 4th. As we were pulling up right when they opened there was already a sea of people streaming in. There were 5 of us (4 adults, 1 child) and it took about an hour to get a table. Meanwhile we sucked down a couple of porto-tónicos each @ $10 a pop (for the uninitiated, it’s white port w/ tonic and a bit of citrus zest). Very refreshing and not something I’ve had outside of Portugal, so it was a nice treat (the leftover marsala wine I had from cooking did do a nice impression though). Somehow my wine snob buddy had never heard of the drink, but I guess he gravitates more toward traditional wines as I also had to school him on sherry.

We ordered:

  • Lisbon Special - Olives (w/ coriander + orange), cheese + bread, ibérico ham, all of which can be ordered separately. All great and enough for the four of us to pick at. $30, or $6/$10/$14
  • Maria’s Bacalhau Fritters - Salt cod, potato, + caramelized onion. I would have a hard time going and not ordering these. $12
  • Head-on Prawns - Cooked in vinho verde w/ garlic, marash chili, + parsley. Delicious but messy since they’re shell-on and covered in oil. Good to run any leftover bread through. $20
  • Bifana (pork sandwiches) - Big chunks of juicy pork marinated in urfa chile, coriander, and piso herb sauce. Bread was nice. Lightly crunchy crust and soft, chewy crumb. We got two, one for each pair of adults. $16/ea
  • Spiced Almond Cake - w/ citrus zest and crème fraîche. We got it to-go because our friends had to be somewhere. It was tasty and traveled well back to the westside. $9

Drinks included:

  • The aforementioned port-tonics. $10
  • Skyduster super-dry lager. Because petiscos + cerveja = <3. $3.75/8oz
  • Hidalgo manzanilla sherry (on draft). A nice dry and refreshing sherry. $10/glass, $35/carafe (friend just had a glass to try it)

We left around 6pm, so about 2hrs total including the 45min-1hr wait. It was fun though! Nice and casual. The “patio” (sidewalk) is shaded by a large tree which offered a welcome reprieve from the heatwave that day.

The inside is decorated nicely, not too dissimilar to Found Oyster and now Queen St. I would definitely try for a counter spot next time. There are a handful of small high-top tables built into the walls on the wall adjacent to the bar seats (like, the table surfaces jut out from the wall).

Service was decent, call it 8/10. No health fees, tap water donations, etc. All-in we dropped $320 after tip. Would I go back? Sure, but just like with all tapas type of joints here it always makes me wince to pay so much for bar food.

This view of the hallway outside of the bathrooms is the only photo I snapped of the occasion