Barro Negro - Mexico DF

Come for the Tlayudas, stay for the mole.

I was last here a couple of years ago, and wanted this to be the first dinner on this trip, primarily for the Tlayudas (along with hotel proximity). They are just delicious. When seated, they bring some chips with 3 salsas and 3 mole samples. Two of the salsas were really complex and delicious, as were the moles. I ended up getting pork mole almendrado, which was tasty.

I didn’t taste the chapulines. Nothing like watching an 82 year old effing up his chapulines, with avocado, fresh tortillas, and mezcal.

Quite a mezcal selection. After one of those, I ordered some red wine for us. They don’t have much selection and it is very expensive for what it is.

We were stuffed, and skipped dessert.

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I returned for another Tlayuda last weekend. Very tasty, and this is exactly where I wanted to eat when the tios came up from Xochimilco. In fact, tia also got a full size tlayuda and polished off about 75% of it. I should have ordered a 1/2, but I ordered a full, and also ate about 75%.

When we were discussing that I can now get a decent enough tlayuda in Oakland (at Agave), but I was describing that it just wasn’t the same, she asked “que falta” to which I replied “la alma.”