Basic Gas Range recommendations please

I have been “saving” for a nice range for a while, something in the low end- I am not interested in Viking /Wolf- out of my price $$$ for this lifetime. I have a tiny apt kitchen, so I need a 30"

I have cooked on many many beautiful $$$$$ ranges, for clients over the years, and I know the high priced appliances are fun, but they often have as many glitches as an economy appliance- sometimes you just get a lemon.

What often goes out, high or low is the control panels, and I just don’t like digital control esthetic and so I would really like one without electronics other than the igniters.

I have been thinking, maybe I should just get myself a basic GE or something, they look nice and come with continuous grates- but this is the thing- I cannot find anything without a digital control panel unless you go to the Bertizoni, Smeg, or such. $3000- I have also looked at some lovely refurbished vintage ranges, and that is an option- but these are now so popular, they are super pricey $3000- as well.

I just want something that is similar to what I have had- a basic gas range- it has lasted 30 years!!! But is looking pretty grungy and I need to move on.

I find it ironic that to find an oven that I can turn on with a dial and not a touch pad, I have to pay over $3000…maybe I am missing something- all advice appreciated if you have a new basic gas range you enjoy cooking on.


And also- I have looked at the Premiere brand, made in USA, which I totally support- unfortunately they are poorly made,sharp edges on door interior, badly insulated, etc. So not a good choice

If you look at gas ranges on Sears and sort by price, the cheapest (under $400) have no digital controls, but maybe no continuous grates, either. Around $500, there are some with continuous grates and digital controls for the oven only.

I read that what burns out the circuit boards is usually the self-cleaning cycle, so when I needed to replace a range in a rental I got one with steam cleaning.

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Thank you- I am looking at a GE that is about $800- and it has nice range features… it is just the oven that uses the control panel- so I appreciate you good advice re cleaning. I should have added that my ideal price would be around $1000- give or take a few hundred-
Sears, locally to me, has pretty bad reviews re installation, and I have a good local appliance store I prefer to support- may pay a bit more than Sears- but they will install and repair if I need it. Sears closed down their beautiful and historic Art Deco building here in Santa Monica-

Sears has a wider selection of brands and models than most places so its search engine is a good place to start even if you prefer to shop elsewhere.

Unique makes a digital-electronics-free range.

Maybe kind of expensive.

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I had looked at Unique a few years back, and there were no local retailers, they are from Canada. Thank you for this tip- I had no idea Home Depot carried them now! Thank you so much!

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