Basque (Spanish, with a sneak to French), Asturias, Cantabria pictoral

Sorry it’s not much of a report. Honestly I haven’t still digested it all. As you can see we didn’t hit many high end places but the steak and whole fish Asadors were incredible, as obviously all the pintxo spots.

Aside from the fact that the food is amazing, the fact that every generation is out and about, hanging out together every day is so refreshing. I hardly see older folk at restaurants and never bars in LA


Recs for Cantabria?

Where did you go in Asturias? Pics not labeled. I can’t find the time either.

Sidreria Marcelino, Sidrería Restaurante Casa Cortina, Bar Restaurante El Moreno, Jurassic Museum of Asturias
unfortunately doesnt’ look like i bookmarked everything… are you going?


Thanks! Excited to get the ESP board warmed up. J_L will have a lot to add!