Batterfish, Encino—fine fish 'n' chips

Batterfish (on a quiet block on Ventura Blvd in Encino) make genuine Irish fish ‘n’ chips, but may not survive long. We had met the owner’s brother when we were in Dublin recently, and promised him we’d check it out. We dined there tonight, and it was really really good–way better than the lame stuff being served at the “British” pubs in the area, but the location is terrible—no street life, not much lunch traffic, since offices nearby are largely empty. I hope he can hold on there, because LA can use their kind of authentic, tasty fish ‘n’ chips. I’d eat there daily if I could tolerate that much fried food. The place has had great reviews and great word of mouth, but in LA, sometimes that’s not enough. The Food Network Diners and Dives show was interested, but won’t feature them until they’ve been open 3 years, which doesn’t seem likely. The owner is a nice Irish lad, but he made some mistakes, mainly in his choice of location. Stop by and check it out if you’re a fan of deep frying, It’s a shorter drive than going to the fair.


Supposedly fucking little jewel made it onto the fucking show in less than 3 years in business.

So there’s potential hope.

But yeah usually I feel like utter fucking crap after devouring fish & chips. The only exception perhaps being Golden States fish and chips.

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I’m more concerned with how I feel WHILE I’m having the meal. Afterward is some other time.

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Been there, it was really great.

That location is off-putting. I hate that it is on the ground floor of an office building, requiring me to venture into the buildings garage.

In case you all aren’t familiar, you pick the fish (cod, catfish, salmon) and the flavor of the batter (regular, chili, curry, lemon basil, garlic ginger).Thought it was great. My cod was lightly crisp but not battery. Perfectly done. Catfish was great too.

Is it worth a trip to the Valley?

Went there once a few mos ago. Greatly enjoyed it. Depends on traffic and how much you want fish & chips (esp since King’s Head has gone downhill). It’s a solid product, but I wouldn’t wade through rush hour traffic on the 405 for it. Hit up Streets of India or Pho So 1 while you’re up there.

BTW, the same guy owns Bar Food in Brentwood… And the fish & chips, while good, bares no resemblance to the product at Batterfish (sadly, since I live a block away from Bar Food).

IMHO, and I DO love the food, I would say no. Too much traffic to fight coming here. If this was a pub, maybe! IF you happen to BE IN the valley, I would stop in.

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WTF happened to Kings Head?

On our last trip, the portion was greatly reduced, the crust had changed completely (no longer thick or crisp), and the fish was overcooked. Very disappointing all around. Could’ve just been an off night, but the product was so different (not just even a variation of the usual), that we haven’t wanted to return.

hmm, if I hear more bad about it it might just be a definite skip.

there’s nothing much fucking worse than bad fish and chips.

it’s unhealthy as fuck and it doesn’t taste any fucking good ???

that’s a fucking recipe for disaster.

I do really like the fish & chips at both The Golden State & Truxtons…

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Probably not, if I use my usual standards when I ask “is it worth a trip over the hill?” when contemplating a restaurant in Hollywood. If the question is “Is it worth a trip to Santa Monica?” then the answer is always no. The 405 is the new Berlin wall.

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I’ve been traveling a lot this year, and I’ve never been to Golden State or Truxton’s. I heard a lot of buzz about GS on Ch*wh**nd, but then I heard a lot of buzz about Cactus Tacqueria there too, so I began to suspect everything.

Sorry you had that experience. It wasn’t that way at all for us last night, but I can see how it’s possible. The cod was perfect and the crust was dreamy, at least at that moment last night.

Golden State is actually very Good but it is only served on Friday nights…

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and I thought on fucking Saturdays too, is that not right ???

+1. Yup. Golden State’s Fish & Chips are awesome. :smile:

I do like the ones at Batterfish as well; just different.

Same as paranoidgarliclover for me as well. We went to King’s Head and had a similar experience (awful crust, overcooked fish). Would not go back.

And I think that branch is sold / closing now right?

@farmertomato: You’re referring to Batterfish, right? I was referring to Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica when I mentioned the downhill alert (as kevin says, if I’m gonna ingest all that fat, it better be darn good). The one time I had ate at Batterfish, I thought it was quite good. Owner does the tartar sauce in-house, too.

I assume the place does good business w/ the corporate lunch crowd. Very surprised they’re opened at night (but there’s nothing else like it in the area, AFAIK, so maybe that’s enough).

@Chowseeker1999: Ye Olde King’s Head has multiple locations???

Hi paranoid,

yah, they have a Santa Monica location, too, right?