Bawarchi is now Zafran Pot, Hyderabadi dum biryani specialists

Haven’t been yet, but it sounds intriguing. Slow cooked biryani, Hyderabadi style, organic ingredients…


Fried onions and kaffir limes or bust.

Thanks for the heads-up. I look forward to trying it.

Had the hyderabadi dum biryani. Very good. The new owners were very solicitous though they don’t have all the service kinks worked out yet. Came with raita and a vegetable based ‘gravy’ for the rice. Until sometime this month (the 20th maybe?) they are giving 15% off all orders. They also have a bunch of veg curries and do a couple different affordably priced lunch combos. Their chai was one of the best I’ve had in LA.

Nice folks and good biryani but alas not quite up to the impossibly high bar set by Zam Zam.


This pretty much sums up my experience, too. I had the lamb biryani, which was tasty, if a little oversalted. It was good enough that I’ll be back, but not Zam Zam good. I would rank it about on par with the biryani at Jasmine Market on Sepulveda.

I made it over there today. Had the veggie biryani, a puff, and a few curries from the steam tray. The biryani was sharply seasoned, with intense sour and salt notes, as well as the familiar Hyderabadi warming spices, even after being slow cooked (dum phukht… I’m pretty sure I have that right… dum phukht?) in a handi.

It was probably the best veggie biryani in town. Mind you, Zam Zam doesn’t (and won’t… I asked) make veggie biryani…

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Have you (or anyone else) tried the veggie biryani at Samosa House? It’s on the menu, and I’ve tried more than once to order it, but they’re always out.

Has anyone noticed that the new zam zam market’s biryani is not as good as their old location in culver? I’ve had it twice now and it just doesn’t taste the same (complaints being: spice mixture, temperature of the food served, doneness of the rice, meat tenderness)

Maybe I just made trips on off nights?

Soooooo… this is a conflict for me… on one hand i’m thrilled because I just got 2 orders of chicken biriani (lamn wasn’t ready yet) on saturday and we pigged the eff out on it … i use hands for such things lol. buuut… on the other hand how can i cheat on Mayura right next door

Tried the chicken biryani at Zafran Pot and enjoyed it even more than the lamb. Love the bone-in chicken and hard-boiled egg. Dal fry was great, too. This place is definitely a keeper.

It’s possible. I encountered a LOT of variation at the old location, particularly on days where there weren’t services at the mosque (so less turnover). Still haven’t been to the new place yet, though.

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So, I’m now officially addicted to this place lol. Been going weekly. The chicken dum biryani continues to be excellent. I’m also a fan of the paneer butter masala.

Chicken chops (i.e., tender chicken chunks in a spicy curry sauce) and vegetarian biryani with salan gravy. So good!


This place is fantastic.

The chicken dum biryani is fantastic, and the Gobi Manchurian is like the Orange Chicken that all vegetarians have been asking for in their deepest moments of weakness.