Bay Area's High Cost Of Living Squeezes Restaurant Workers, Chefs And Owners

Ibarra makes around $15 an hour. He used to commute from neighboring San Jose, one of the most expensive cities in the country. He paid $800 a month for a room, but just slept there. … “You would go bumper-to-bumper, bumper-to-bumper sometimes. You get crazy,” Ibarra says. … He figured he was already spending as much as four hours a day in the car, so he might as well just sleep there.

I guess enjoy Saul’s while it lasts.

Very confused reporting about Camino. The chef was Russell Moore, and he and his wife Alison Hopelain opened The Kebabery more than a year before Camino closed. I presume it was their sous chef who moved to Seattle.

I read this Fortune article about the pending IPOs and the effect it’s going to have on real estate.

I still chuckle that Bob paid $115k for our house in '81. Realistically it’s already worth about $2M.

Do you still own it?

Don’t I wish! No, we sold it in 2001. We’d kept it as a rental since 1992. I miss the city terribly at times but that money allowed us to do other stuff. We never look back and say “what if.”