Bay Fung Tong - Oakland

My Singaporean foodie hairdresser stronly recommended the salt & pepper squid ($13) and it was great.

Other three dishes were Luke Tsai recommendations. Typhoon shelter crab (I forget what they called it on the menu), very good, I don’t think I’ve had it before so no point of comparison. $18.95 / lb. came to $34.18.

Deep-friend sand dab ($13) was really good, nice crisp skin, moist meat.

Tong choi with fermented bean curd ($12), very good.

This was more food than the two of us could eat, took home some leftovers.

I’ll probably be back often since it’s two blocks from the Punchdown.

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Was that you picking up wine at the PD yesterday late afternoon? (You, or whomever it was looked familiar, but I haven’t seen you in several years.) Funny, we were wondering where to go eat when we left - ended up at home piecing some stuff together.

I stopped in to buy some wine to take to a friend’s for dinner, yes.