BBH Noodle (Milpitas)

Was driving by, saw the grand opening sign. Googled it and realized they specialize in Bo Bun Hue. Well, hell, I had to try it out even though I’d already had lunch… Note, I’ve never had a BBH in Vietnam so can’t say I really know how it is supposed to taste.

Got a bowl of the #4, which is their BBH.

  • Broth was flavorful, but not MSG-laden and very spicy. To the point where I couldn’t finish all the broth, which is a rarity for me. But overall, I found the broth a bit light for my taste, although better than most BBH I’ve had.
  • Noodles were perfect. I love the fat round vermicelli noodles and these were cooked just right. Still very springy.
  • Meats were better than any other version I’ve had. At least 3 cuts of beef, huge chunks of pork blood, some tendon and a few thick slices of the vietnamese cold cut. I walked away very happy with the amount of beef in the broth
  • Veggie accompaniements were fine though I don’t typically care. bowl had some cilantro, sliced onion and then a big side bowl of mint, chopped cabbage (?), jalapeno, lime, etc. was brought out.

Overall, I thought this was a great lunch find and better than other versions I’ve had in the area.

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