Bean Bar (East Village)

Bean Bar must have opened up right when I wasn’t looking, but it’s tucked literally between Petco and the Central Library.

Location aside, this place makes a mean cold brew (with hops, if you want!), and has the most gorgeous espresso machine one can lay eyes on without going blind.

The Kees van der Westen machine is set center stage, right there on the counter, within easy reach (but, please, no touching - cuz, if you break it, you pay for it, and the Spirit is a cool $20k, which would make that espresso kind of, uh, pricey).

Oh, and if you’re into that whole third wave thing? 49th Parallel beans. 'Natch.

Bean Bar

Ipse - you are posting about restaurants in SD, LA, SF and NY on regular basis - just curious where do you actually live and how much do you travel

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Airports and hotels.

Jeez, and here I just thought you were deleporting between locations.