Beards in the Kitchen,

Lets hear it on this topic, are you ok with long beards uncovered in a open kitchen? Chefs running hands and finger through a beard while preparing your food. Bartenders/ Servers, Interesting topic for some.

Not a beard chick in any shape or form…especially, if that hipster chef is making my food.
When the fallen facial beard hair falls into my food, which it has before, it can resemble, ummmm, how do I put this lady like?
Like the ‘treasure trail’ foliage has lost some of its leaves…

James Beard finalists are welcome to cook for me anytime.

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Oh I thought you talking about “beards” in the Hollywood slang sense. Yeah real beards in the kitchen are gross as is hair that is not pulled back and covered. I also think working in a hot kitchen, having a beard would be hot and uncomfortable.

no. just no.

I think the whole lumberjack beard thing (and the man buns) need to go—kitchen or no kitchen.

Now I know what to get Kris Kringle for Christmas.

Cool, thanks @LAgirl!

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actually if you want really good Kris Kringle beard gifts—check out the renegade craft fair sometime. they usually have a couple of booths of artisinal beard grooming products for the hipster in your life. :laughing:

dear god, man buns. worst. thing. ever. triple no.


I know and unfortunately for me, I live/work in man bun central.

in most places it’s against health codes to have a beard uncovered in the kitchen – just like head hair. i worked in restaurants a long time and don’t recall any cooks/chefs with beards.

At my Costco, the men who work in the foodcourt with beards have to wear “beard nets”. Very odd looking, but reassuring.

TIL - “man bun”