Beecher's Handmade Cheese

breadzel - wsu bread lab heirloom grain flour, beecher’s cheese, garlic, herbs
This was okay, tasted kind of healthy. I wouldn’t waste stomach space on it.

“world’s best” mac & cheese - flagship, just jack, spices
Not sure how this is the “world’s best” mac & cheese when it’s not even mac, it’s penne. Other than that, I prefer my mac & cheese to be stringy, but this was more liquid-y. It was good but i actually preferred the non-world’s best “mariachi”.

mariachi mac & cheese - roasted anaheim chiles, blend of fresh veggies, flagship
Really liked the roasted chilies in this one thanks for the rec @attran99.

flagship sandwich - flagship, just jack, basil, tomato, beecher’s spread
Who doesn’t like cheese and carbs?

cutting the cheese

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
1600 Pike Pl
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 956-1964


Macaroni are any tubular pasta.

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My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it. I usually stop in the area before we head to the airport for mac & cheese to-go. I’ll have to pick up the mariachi for the kid who likes heat. I am usually forgiving of not stringy cheese sauce if it tastes like cheese.

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So you can actually sit down and eat there? I guess I don’t pay enough attention when we walk by.

@attran99 you stop on the way to the airport? Where on earth do you park? And you get two big pans of it (saw that on their website just now)? And there’s no problem getting it through TSA? If it were ANY PLACE other than Pike Place Market (traffic/crowds) I might pick it up to take to the kids.

There is a beechers in the airport.

Maybe that will help @attran99 in the future. Won’t have to stop before heading to the airport. I still wonder about carrying it on an airplane. While not technically a liquid TSA can be kinda persnickety about such things.

Thanks, dagrass.

The Beechers at the Seattle airport is past TSA. It becomes a problem of whether the airlines permit the food to be stowed. Sounds like @attran99 has the system worked out already.

Maybe he’ll share his “system.”

The reason I wondered about TSA is I know a cookbook author who had hoped to carry on something - I can’t remember what - that is semi-solid at room temp but liquid when heated.

There’s no system. I buy the small single serve cup and the TSA agent just waves me through. They didn’t even blink an eye…one agent told us that it was a brilliant idea. But if there’s one inside the airport, then go with that.

I should think about picking up a single serving when we arrive sometime. I don’t think our daughter would want something that unhealthy being served to her kiddos. But WE wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:

@PorkyBelly While the house mac & cheese was good, my kids preferred the mariachi, too! We stopped at the airport to grab another one for lunch on the plane. Many others around us were jealous. I really liked their chicken, arugula, and apple sandwich, too…got to love cheese and apples together. The line wrapped around the building, but it moved fast. Should have picked up some of the cheese to bring home, too.

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For what it’s worth I’m seeing this cheese here in Seattle at Costco,QFC, etc. We’re heading out tomorrow and our ‘cooler’ is a good-sized, plug-in Coleman so maybe I’ll take some home.