Beef jerky time!

OK so go to spots for me may be obvious, european deluxe sausage kitchen on olympic and doheny and huntington meats at farmers market…but i found myself at a stand at a drinking festival with a credit card and got some new options to try that were solid…i particularly enjoy the spicy ones…nothing like heartburn from islay malts and ghost peppers i always say…any experience here or other good tips for jerky in los angeles…im also a fan of those beef sticks and this one was actually better than the one at european deluxe, a spot that kicks ass…

Trading places fans?

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GCM burger joint has a fucking cigar shaped beef stick and I think beef jerky too.

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Had one of those Belcampo beef cigars – they’re excellent. Sort of like a Slim Jim, but with good meat.

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I should have thought of belcampo. Guessing that cigar ain’t cheap!

The best jerky I’ve ever had and yes they ship from Cleveland’s Westside Market…J & J Czuchraj Meats

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As an exchange student from Cameroon, I am uniquely qualified to recommend beef jerky.

My friend and I always stopped at this place, Mahogany Smoked Meats in Bishop, CA off US395, on the way to Tahoe. They are REALLY big in mail order now. They also have Elk, Buffalo, Wild Boar, fish, etc.

Mahogany Smoked Meats : Bishop California :

I haven’t been that way in ages but my friend still goes and brings back truckloads.

I hope this helps! MERRY NEW YEAR!


Lionel Joseph?


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Do they carry Swedish meatballs?

Stopped there every winter on the way to Mammoth for years. But, boy, even with free shipping their jerky is really pricey. No?

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It IS on the pricey side. But The quality is top notch.

All jerky seems pricy I think something to do with the dried out weight is light for more meat.

U guys like spicy or sweet or something else

If we’re drifting into mail-order jerky territory, I highly recommend this San Diego company:
Their barbecue mesquite flavor is simply knockout – the best jerky I’ve ever had. Very tender, sweet and spicy. Some of their other flavors are interesting, but I keep coming back to the BBQ.

If you find yourself in SD, they also do the local farmers markets.


[quote=“Mr_JJ, post:4, topic:553, full:true”]
I should have thought of belcampo. Guessing that cigar ain’t cheap!
[/quote] ISTR it was $3. I know I wish I had bought more.

that bakke brothers scorpion pepper jerky fucked me up bigtime yesterday…im all over dave’s insanity sauce special editions and stuff like that, and this was in that vein…pain followed by endorphin high…flavor? haha, dunno…all I can say is that I wasn’t hungry after one piece and then eating half a big bag of twizzlers after to mute the fire in my mouf. my scalp is still sweating …1.6 M SCOVILLE UNITS. Made in Oregon but purchased at an la beerfest stand…seen them around other farmers markets too. this kind of food fills a weird niche for me but I like it from time to time…Chengdu taste is mild by comparison. verdict: this is the best spicy jerky I have ever had and one of the spiciest foods period ive had in a long time

LOL! Nice!

I’m too old for heat like that. I think I would have a heart attack. Shame, cause I used to love torturing myself with heat. Alas, I was born in the wrong era :smile:

I’m going to order from them. Great variety of items.
Bakke Brothers Brand

Lionel! lemme know what you think! im a gonna run thru the items you and the other f’kers recommended before I reup on bakke, which I will at some point.

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