Beef ’n Bread (Chinatown)

I think this might now be my favorite restaurant in DC Chinatown (although it’s still a close call with Matchbox, but time will tell).

This places makes essentially three sandwiches. Roast Beef, Turkey, and Corned Beef.

The roast beef sandwiches are essentially what Arby’s would be like, if Arby’s used quality, real roast beef, good, soft buttery toasted bun, and real, fresh toppings. And then charged you 2-3x for the pleasure.

Got the Chinatown because, well, we’re in Chinatown and I needed to represent. Roast beef, avo, bacon, Sriracha, Hoisin sauce, and some greens (like basil). Good stuff. Real good. Made all that much better washed down with a chocolate peanut butter shake (despite the chilly weather).

Beef 'n Bread
750 6th St NW (near H St. NW),
Right next to Joy Luck House (which I would avoid at all costs if you want egg tarts, and I know my egg tarts)