Beef Tongue Specialist Tsukasa & the Funky Beer Corner at Mitsuwa Market :)

Found myself running errands in O.C. and decided to stop by Mitsuwa Market to grab a quick bite. Besides the stalwart Santouka Ramen, there’s a Gyu-Tan Senmonten (Beef Tongue Specialist) Tsukasa which I didn’t realize had opened.

Hailing from Sendai, Japan, Gyutan Tsukasa specializes in all things Beef Tongue, grilled over Japanese Charcoal.

Their Gyutan Set (8 Pieces of Grilled Beef Tongue, House-made Condiments and Pickles, Soup):

The Beef Tongue was tender and slightly smoky and delicious! :slightly_smiling:

But what really elevated it was the use of their Homemade Miso Togarashi condiment. Just awesome stuff! And mixing in some Wasabi was the other flavor profile.

The set comes with their Oxtail Soup (with Collagen). Light, not too salty, tender morsels of Oxtail. Nice. :smile:

Their Steamed Rice is mixed with Roasted Barley and excellent.

Will definitely be back to try their other Beef Tongue dishes.

New Japan Beer Company
In the other corner, shockingly was a little Beer Corner called New Japan Beer Company.

They serve a variety of Beer on tap, including Asahi Draft from Japan. (Asahi sold in North America is usually brewed in Canada, so I was curious about the taste difference.)

The Asahi Draft from Japan was slightly different. Cleaner, lighter and refreshing. :slightly_smiling:

The Coedo Beniaka (Red Beer) was a nice Craft Brew from Japan as well, and had a malty, nutty overtone. Really nice.

I had no idea Mitsuwa could serve alcohol in their food court, but this was a nice touch. And a perfect pairing with the Japanese Grilled Beef Tongue. :slightly_smiling:

Gyu Tan Tsukasa
(Inside Mitsuwa Market Food Court)
665 Paularino Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-6699


LOL, hit the button too early. Updated now. :slightly_smiling:

that looks great. How much?

Too bad it’s in OC

It is around $12.

Hi @tailbacku,

Yah as A5 mentioned it’s around $12 for the 8 piece set. $16 for a 12 piece set.

They also have Miso Gyutan (Beef Tongue), Beef Tongue Stew, Beef Tongue Curry and other items. I definitely wanna go back. :slightly_smiling:

Well, if you ever find yourself hitting South Coast Plaza or other nearby areas, Tsukasa is like 3 - 4 minutes from there.

Great work, as always, chowseeker1999.

Thanks for this. I haven’t been to that Mitsuwa in a while even though it’s right by my house. I do think I’d seen this place but never really gave it much thought. Will try.