Beijing Tasty House in Rowland Heights

Decided to try a different duck place from our usual Duck House in MP. Couldn’t get table for 10 at Jin Rong, so settled on Tasty House. Loved loved it. Duck portion felt more ample than at Duck House. Meat was more tender. Skin was prepared better, i.e. less fat left on so each piece felt crisper. Duck soup was chock full of tofu, cabbage and duck pieces (which were absent at DH last time) and tasted deeper, richer than what I’ve had at Duck House. Pricing was also much more reasonable… Sub $80 for the 3 ways.

For what it’s worth, the spicy lamb ribs were delicious. Tender, yet with still a bit of chew and a nice fried coating on it. My kids and I couldn’t stop eating them!


I’ve actually never tried duck here, though I’ve enjoyed a few other things here over the years. I’ll have to remember this idea for next time I’m in a duck mood! Quality has fluctuated but generally get some takeout on occasion. In particular, I like their rendition of dough drop soup among other things.

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Interesting that you mentioned the quality fluctuating… We went back for CNY dinner last night. Everything about the duck was still excellent (pancakes, skin, soup, sauce) except for the actual meat. This time it felt overcooked and was a bit “mealy” which I can’t stand in duck. Unfortunate. Lamb ribs were still excellent.

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