Belcampo buy one burger, get one free, through 2/25

Hello. In LA Weekly there is an ad for buy one get one free burger, good at all locations. Just mention “essentials” when placing order.


Thanks for the heads-up. Heading over to GCM tomorrow to grab lunch with my dad. Any idea if this applies to the fast burger as well?

Yes. It’s good for the fast burger too!

Yeah! I feel an iron deficiency coming on!

FWIW, in DTLA, the poverty burger comes live at 1 P.M. ON THE WEEKENDS. Before that, The actual Belcampo burger only.

Poverty burger?

i prefer the financially disadvantaged burger


I believe @TonyC is referring to the “fastburger”.

But even if he isn’t, at $8 it is truly one of the great bargains in DTLA.

Thanks, I thought he was just being a dick.

I actually prefer the so-called “poverty burger” - in double form - to their oligarch burger.

Wait, who said he wasn’t just being a dick?


We’re into some post-Doc level snark here. :relaxed:

Anyway, heading to Belcampo with the family tomorrow. Gonna introduce twin toddler boys to pasture fed beef and fries cooked in beef tallow.

Treat the kids to a McConnell’s PB&J Sundae.

Shit, who am I kidding. Treat yourself.


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Now THAT is cooked perfect!

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The best fucking deal of the week thanks @michaelc


Looks like someone isn’t impoverished. :smile_cat:

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We’re all richer because of you @TonyC. Seriously.


Great burgers today! Thanks for mentioning the special. And thanks Ipsedixit for the McConnell’s suggestion - a great and extremely unhealthy one-two lunch punch.

FYI - Lamb burger is not included in the special.

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Does anyone know what time they start serving burgers? Could I have two for breakfast when they open at 9am?

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I got one fast burger and one lamb at the 3rd street location in Mid City. Wasn’t nearly as good as their standard ones, but at least at that location they gave me the bogo deal.

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