Belle's Bagel's Opening Announcement Thurday July 14

Details here:


They’re officially open.

Tried them this Sunday.

The everything bagel was very good, but the dog-diggity-dog star was the Locksmith sandwich. Salmon skin. Genius. #WhoNeedsLox

Word to wise, best to get there early in the morning, cuz when they run out of a type of bagel, they run out, and when they run out of all bagels, they close. Stopped by Sunday around 9, and then made a detour to Magpies, before deciding to head back in the afternoon for some more salmon skin bagel sandwiches … utter fail.

I’ve been twice since they opened back up. Had the loxsmith and it was awesome. Also got bagels to go for the freezer. I’m glad they’re back! They make announcements on their Instagram when they sell out, so that’s good.

Everything bagel from belle’s