Ben & Jerry's creates "Craft Beer Ice Cream"

From the drinks business: Ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s is teaming up with craft brewer New Belgium to release a Salted Caramel Brownie Ale

Just about every boozie ice cream never tastes like the booze that they’re made from (or named after).

Something about the the cold temps mute the flavors of the alcohol or liquor.

Much rather just have some warm sake and a scoop of Matcha ice cream, and then call it a night.

Leaving aside the fact I don’t like warm sake, we must have been eating different ice creams. :wink:

They did a Black & Tan a while back, though I think it was supposed to be more Guinness like than anything so probably not quite “craft”. It wasn’t bad.

Carmela has done a guiness stout ice cream. it worked.

Im cool with the beer floats at golden state as well