Ben Ngu (Garden Grove)

Can someone school me on banh it ram?

I just had my first exposure to banh it ram at Ben Ngu, and admittedly I’m probably late to the game, but this stuff is incredible.

Where else can I find these fried sticky rice dumplings? Better yet, are there better iterations out there of this delicacy?

Do tell.

Oh, and, yes, the banh it ram at Ben Ngu are outrageously good. But then, this is my first time having these. So take it for what it’s worth. Probably not much.

Ben Ngu
10051 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove


You’re on a roll with central vietnam’s greatest hits :+1::notes:. Essentially a rice dumpling filled with mung bean paste, shrimp and pork belly–served alone it’s called banh it tran–on top of fried rice cake it’s banh it ram. It is is a great combo-crispy chewy fried with the soft rice dumpling drenched in nuoc cham. We love ours with some pickled carrots daikon.

Ben ngu’s version look pretty legit. Only other place I’ve had it is at Ngu binh (no relation) 14092 Magnolia St, Westminster, CA 92683 which many claim to have best bun bo hue in little Saigon.


That’s our ipse for ya… As comfortable at Ben Ngu as he is at Benu.


I’ve been eating this dish most of my life…and didn’t know which region it originates from. My Mom buys me a supply, on occasion…and I can’t remember what restaurant she buys it from or if it’s from some little old lady selling from her car outside a grocery store. The last supply I received was made by a friend of hers. I’ll have to ask her for details…it’s one of my favorite snacks…that I inhale and it turns into a meal.


Ngu binh’s bun it ram are delicious but also super filling. Be sure to also try the mi quang at ngu binh if you go.

Love those little old ladies! If we like what they sell, we always make a point to get their number and pick up orders right from their homes😁

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Which parking lots do they sell in? I would love to buy some grandma homemade dishes.

the most activity is at the ABC supermarket sidewalk. The banh bot loc lady is really good and last time we ordered i believe it’s about 25-30c each, which is roughly 50% less than the catering to go places like Huong Giang. They even steam it for you right before pick up, or give it to you frozen to take home.


thanks I’ll have to check them out!