Benriner Mandoline- what size?

Classic (12.75 inches long by 3.625 inches wide)
Super (14 inches long by 5.8 inches wide)
Jumbo (13 inches long and 6.5 inches wide)

Getting my first mandoline for home use, mostly salads, stir fry, stews.
What width is most helpful? I can trim wider eggplant, cabbage to fit–is it worth $20 to get the wider size?

I think the smaller size is fine for most things but if you know that you will be cutting things the size of a large potato or bigger then maybe get the next size up. I’d use a knife on a cabbage personally

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I eventually bought a super because the regular was often too narrow. Lowest price I find on a super is currently $52.70 on Amazon. But you could always cut things down to fit the regular one.

We also have a French mandoline, which I use mostly to julienne celery root for céleri rémoulade, since those roots are too hard for the Benriner. And also a Moulinex electric rotary grater, which is great for shredding carrots for salad or grating cheese for fondue.

I also shred cabbage with a knife.