Berlin, Prague, Vienna

Doing a quick little Central Europe jaunt-- does anybody have any recommendations? I’ll be dining with my family, so I need to be able to get 5 in.

Thanks in advance

Since you’ve gotten no replies, I’d suggest that you look at CH. There are a number there. Perhaps dated but a starting place.

Not sure how much time/energy I’ll have off the boat, but I’ve discovered that Rick Steve’s forums can be really helpful for travel. Both the Budapest and Vienna forums seem to have a local expert:

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I just recently found out that he lives in a great little town north of Seattle. We love to travel but have never checked him out. Need to do that.


I think he’s great; he’s our go-to for info on Europe, and I like his philosophy of traveling “small.”

I don’t know for how long he’s been “big,” but it seems like so many people know of him now (justifiably). You’ll see other people on your travels who are carrying the exact same Rick Steve’s book you are. :wink: His co-writer for the Budapest book seemed a little cranky, but it was still quite helpful.