Best BA Peking Duck?

So whose is the best these days? Great China, R&G, or somewhere else? We tried Five Happiness last winter, and we were sorely disappointed. Their version didn’t hold a candle to what we remember from Empress of China some years back. Not really crispy skin, and meh flavor. In fact, we would have just gone to EofC, but they had just closed forever the month before.


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Beijing Duck House in Cupertino was my standby the past coupole years. However, some recent reports indicated a weakly flavored and very dry duck. Weakly flavored to me isn’t necessarily issue. I believe there are 2 schools of thought on Peking Duck… The cantonese style is more heavily spiced, while the more “classic” version is very light in flavor so you mainly get duck taste. The dry however is an issue. I’ve always felt BDH straddled the line here, but it was aways just juicy enough to keep my happy. If they have in fact crossed the line to too dry, that is an issue.

I’ve always liked Daimo’s version. At Great China I prefer the tea-smoked duck.

Has anyone tried the Peking Duck at YiPing in San Ramon?