Best bar for drinks in Beverly Hills?

Any suggestions? This is for a date.

Was thinking the Club bar in the Peninsula.

Polo Lounge, BH Hotel.
Bar Marmont (I know, not BH, but pretty close).

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man, the last time – and its been a long while – i had drinks at the polo lounge they were beyond shitty. i hope theyve improved.
that said, you wont stand out. lots of men having dates with their nieces there.

What time of night is your date?

Depends on what atmo, mixology philosophy, crowd you care for.

The Nice Guy on La Cienega is edge of BH-WeHo.
Good cocktails
Younger, hipper vibe than most BH choices.

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Upstairs bar at Mastros, or the round bar at Bouchon. Wolfgang’s is another idea.


+1 Solid restaurant bar

thanks for suggestions everyone.

Just to throw this out there, this is currently my favorite bar in LA: Blue Collar on Fairfax —

We got some really photogenic watering holes in this town!

The upstairs hidden bar at Nerano just east of the Peninsula Hotel; Wally’s (but can be crowded and noisy), Bar Bachon, the roof top bar at EP&LP

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I nominate the bar at Cut. Pricey but well done. Other then that I find BH and the surrounding area pretty underwhelming for nice drinks.

Bumping this one up. We’re doing a Spago dinner with friends…and it’s SUPER early.

Where can we go nearby for a nightcap before heading home?

Or is the play to hit the Georgian for desserts by Chef Thessa Diadem?

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We enjoyed the bar at Mayborne. I think it’s really close to Spago.

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Bar at the Mayborne is solid they also have the Emperical Doritos spirit which is really interested and good in a margarita style drink, or go upstairs to Dante.

TBH the bar a Spago has a new cocktail program and is worth considering. Rooftop bar at Funke maybe?


Honor Bar attached to South Beverly Grill is a Hillstone bar so you’ve got a good baseline of quality and vibe.

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We ended up at Dante for a nightcap before heading home.

It’s really lovely up there and the cocktail program was pretty good. His margarita was particularly good, and the cosmogroni was fun.

Maybe I’ll get around to coming back for dinner sometime.

Thanks, @boourns, for the tip! The Spago and Mayborne bars were packed, so we changed course.


Just seeing this, but would have probably suggested the rooftop at Funke if the weather was nice.

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Maybourne bar was great last couple times I went. But heard their bar director just left