Best BBQ & Dim Sum In LA Chinatown (IMHO)

This is a hidden gem. I’ve had Chinese barbecue at many places and this is hands-down the best. This is a small mom-and-pop deli style place. They may be going through a name change as the business cards at the counter said “Sunlake BBQ Dimsum”.

I noticed that there was a group of Chinese men at a table enjoying what looked like a feast. This was a good sign!

There is a section with a large steam table with various prepared foods to go. There is also a small dim sum section. Finally there is a display case with the barbecue meats.

I ordered a combo with duck, cha su pork and soy sauce chicken with rice. The portion was large. I asked for some bok choy and the lady threw it in for free. I also ordered some dim sum, to be exact, shumai, steamed pork buns and pork riblets. Everything was very tasty and fresh. What really got to me was that the barbecue meats were not greasy at all, which is usually the case at most places.

Finally, this place is inexpensive. All this food set me back $17.00.

Keung Kee BBQ (aka Sunlake BBQ Dimsum)
420 Ord Street, #101
Los Angeles, CA 90012


unless i’m missing something here in the list. i can get all that for a bit less than $17 in the SGV and i don’t have to drive to chinatown from the SGV. it might not be a bad alternative for people coming from the west side though.

I am in Pasadena and work in DTLA. Food is pretty good though.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give it a shot.

Your welcome. I will post more pics when they let me.

This is one of the surviving dim sum and food to go places in Chinatown catering to the pensioners living in the senior citizen housing facility on Broadway and Chavez. It also exemplifies the importance of food in Chinese culture, where even the less well heeled members of society are entitled to appetizing food choices. Unfortunately with the closing of the Chinatown Yum Cha Cafe, and prior to that the place on New High near Ord, it seems this type of facility might be in the process of fading away.


Rolling Wok provides a similar type of service in/around SGV.

Although they do it through the Temple City Senior Center.

Say what you want about their food (and I’ve said much, mostly negative), but kudos to them for this quasi public service.

that location makes sense in relation to that housing; i had an aunt & uncle who lived over on bunker hill from the mid 70’s until they both passed about 10 years ago and they never mentioned the place. but then we rarely went anywhere other than hop li, which still remains the only reason i’d travel to chinatown to eat for now.

i’m trying to recall that stretch of ord between hill & broadway and drawing a blank, but i don’t recall there being any sort of parking. that wouldn’t be a big deal if most of their take out business was literally foot traffic from a block away.

i was thinking back to when i first moved out here and your late friday night choices were all still either cantonese or HK cafes. the folks i hung with invariably went to sam woo, or luk yue for the jook. sam woo is still there, but luk yue is long gone having been replaced by P P Pop where i ended up tonight for some cheap XLB and their spicy fried chicken nuggets. the point is that the last time i went out planning to go to a cantonese (non dim-sum) place was over a year ago. and i eat out in the SGV at least once a week.