Best Brazilian steakhouse in LA?

I know! Think of taking a friend there for his b-day. I read that the salad bar has smoked salmon!!! And the El Segundo location also look to have outdoor seating.


Wow sounds like a win all the way around plz report back!

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How do you like Matu? I know its a different take on steak.

I can appreciate what they are doing - the sides/salads were high quality - but grass fed New Zealand waygu is not my preferred steak. I find the mushy texture unappealing, and the taste less bold, to me than a 30 day aged US prime. I love the large porter house at Charcoal.

Do you like Matu?

I did like Matu the one time I was there. I love Charcoal. Have a reservation there next week. Have to try their steak. My favorite duck anywhere.

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This @ Fogo De Chao may be the best deal in all of LA - just an absurd amount of value. $26 for ayce buffet market table and 4 slices of meat. That’s cheaper than Hamlet’s Kitchen!


That’s a pretty good deal!

This is an excellent deal! Going to have to add this to a weekday hubs and I have off!

I tried H/H and did not like it at all. Seasoning not great ,

This is a very good deal for Fogo De Chao.
$39 for limited meat selection and the salad bar.

Savor The Best Cuts Of Brazil Like Tender Picanha Or Fraldinha And Explore Seasonal Salads At Our Market Table. There’s So Much To Discover And You Can Have It All For $39, For A Limited Time.*


Price $44 in LA-metro area…Does not include Beef Ribs, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Lamb Chops, Indulgent Cuts, or Seasonal Cuts

So basically just Picanha, Alcatra, Fraldinha and sausages? We actually prefer these beef cuts over the ribeye and filet.

I’m looking at Irvine reservations later this month or early August. I couldn’t find the actual dates for this promo.


Tasty pork ribs at Fogo imo

  • Picanha (Prime Part of the Top Sirloin)

  • Alcatra (Top Sirloin)

  • Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin)

  • Medalhoes com Bacon
    (Bacon- Wrapped Chicken, Bacon-Wrapped Steak)

  • Cordiero (Lamb Picanha)

  • Lombo (Pork)

  • Costela de Porco (Pork Ribs)

  • Linguica (Spicy Pork Sausage)

  • Bisteca de Porco (Double Bone-In Pork Chop)

  • Frango (Chicken)

  • Queijo Assado (Fire-Grilled Brazilian Cheese


@js76wisco I was rolling down Imperial in Brea and saw that Fogo is on the signage in that plaza on State College.

I had thought the pandemic killed it, but the sign gives me hope and the fact that they’re building a brand new structure.

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@attran99 it seems like Fogo is still forging ahead based on Brea Buzz FB group but I’m going to wait until I see it with my own eyes.


My daughter has requested Brazilian BBQ for her birthday next month. The only time she’s eaten Brazilian BBQ was at a family event at M Grill. Her favorite part was the salad bar and the AYCE hearts of palm. She eats some meat too but goes back for seconds at the salad bar.

Does anybody know if Fogo and Agora in Irvine have a salad bar that is essentially the same or better than M Grill? It must have hearts of palm. Non starter. I prefer to go to Agora bc it’s the closest and has the least annoying parking situation.

pricing comparison
Agora $65
Fogo $68.50
M Grill $75


Love HH in Beverly Center but cannot recall the HOP sitch.
Fogo on La Cienega truly sucked (food, service, everything) when I returned recently.
Was told that most of the staff moved to HH.

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Thanks @CiaoBob forgot about this. $65 per person. Kids 12 and under are half price. Maybe we will make a day out west. Will call and ask them about the HOP.

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Why on earth would she want BBQ (rodizio)? It’s meat meat and meat., We used to have a place in Rio and went to one just one time. I’m a carnivore and it was just too much. Find her a fabulous salad place.