Best Brazilian steakhouse in LA?

I’ve tried M Grill and the Farmers Market Brazillian… both very good

I’ve also seen H&H Brazillian steakhouse mentioned and might check it out… does anyone have a favorite or overview of their favorites?

There aren’t that many.
Want to cehck out H/H.
Feel like I am about to get shouted down as an idiot but I have always enjoyed Fogo de Chao. But its been a few years. The salad bar, farofa, fejoida and meats have always been terrific.


Right there with you.


Fogo usually has a dine la special which is a good time to visit.

Every time I go to fogo I regret it afterwards lol


The entire point of the restaurant is to eat until you’re sick. It’s the best (stoned)!


Yeah when I was younger I didn’t mind but now I get like real meat sweats and feel almost hungover the next day

But I never learn my lesson because I keep on going back once every few years lol


Yes…it was no prob about a decade ago but now I pay with more than just my credit card.


Me, three!

Now the chowpups are real down with Fogo.

There were plans for it to open in Brea, but I’ve yet to see signs up on the building. These plans were announced in beforetimes.


I think they pulled out of Brea. Boo hoo.


It was going to be my new happy hour spot.


I thought HH Steakhouse was expensive at $65 for buffet but Fogo is at $70… if anyone has to be HH please let me know! Seems dumb but being at Beverly Center makes it seem more high end lol

Peeked inside when I went to AB Steak recently. Looked nice. Interested to read/see some reviews.

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Less steakhouse/premium interior
AYCE Brazillian BBQ that’s midrange of the few places listed in the thread.

  • More expensive than Pampas Grill [The Farmer’s market Brazillian spot w/ a second location in Culver City]
  • Less Expensive than Fogo/M Steakhouse, with the trade-off being less flare in the interior/ambiance in the restaurant.

I haven’t been yet, but a few friends went earlier in the year and had an incredible experience there, especially for the price.


The tradeoff being …?

Woops will edit the post. Less flare in the interior decor

I went to W years ago they had a groupon deal. It was good but obviously did not hit the heights of fogo with both meat offerings and the buffet.

I thought they just opened up within a year ago, eater article seems to say they opened as a ghost kitchen during Covid and their official instagram announced an opening in November ‘21.

Tried AB a couple of weeks ago and was underwhelmed. The meats were not particularly flavorful and the server was not particularly knowledgeable or helpful with the order. There were three of us and she suggested 4 mains and two sides. We are three big guys but this was way too much food and nothing was memorable. Not even close to a Matu experience and the price was about the same. No desire to go back.

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I ate there about 6m ago and it was fantastic.

But my recent visit is just like yours - I was pretty disappointed meat wise. The salad, seafood pancake and ban Chan were good and the cocktails were very good. But the meat wasn’t up to sniff.

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I had no idea there’s a fogo de chao in el segundo this might warrant a regretful visit from me soon.

43 for lunch is a great deal.