Best Cambodian?

Hello all,

Ever since Siem Reap shuttered I’ve been trying to find a good replacement spot. What I liked: breadth of menu containing many “deeper” items of Khmer cuisine scattered throughout. Minimal use of sugar. Earthy and funky flavors like anchovy and bitter sdao. Fish curry served out of a young coconut. Fried intestines and other delicacies.

What I’ve not liked: tried Monorom, and found it was way too sweet. Some flavors were good, others fell flat, and afterwards a couple people didn’t feel so hot.

Looking for recommendations, and I do know the Cambodian community is concentrated in/around Long Beach.

Really want to emphasize a preference towards low sugar; when I first ate at Siem Reap I had a bit of a moment where I was like “this is like the best parts of Thai food without all the sugar!” The sweetness is the one thing that keeps me from eating Thai food all the damn time, and I really took a liking to Khmer food.

Have you tried Hak Heang?

No, but I’ve had that one bookmarked. What do you recommend there?

Sadao salad, beef stick, beef anchovies, fish curry and if you’re there for breakfast try the pork and rice.

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Thanks! Will try!

is the level of sweetness there and at thai places not true to the styles in those countries? so it’s just your personal preference? correct me if i’m wrong, i haven’t been there.

Monorom was really good for us. First time eating Cambodian this weekend right before going to a Cambodian song and dance performance at the University there. Lovely. Like thai but quite easy to spot the differences.

Mad hungover so the light pork noodle soup didn’t even make the photos… but it was a very rich meaty broth.

beef sticks and cambo salad were dooope as was Angkor beer

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Most of the food in Cambodia is sweeter than their neighbors. Sometimes unpleasant so.

Little La Lune in LB is our fave, but if memory serves, only open for lunch. The soups are great.