Best chicken shawarma

That’s not gaby’s or zankou.

Ta-eem grill on Melrose.

It’s an Israeli place—so the shwarma is slightly different than the Armenian version. The chicken is really flavorful and juicy and they top it with anything you’d like----hummus, tahini, veggies and a variety of Israeli salads. large portions too.

For Armenian style shwarma, I usually go to Falafal Arax which is a hole in the wall family-run mini mall joint on Normandie/Santa Monica with a couple of tables. Very good falafal as well.

I like Marouch’s chicken shawarma, though I like Zankou’s more.

Tel Aviv Grill in Tarzana is outstanding. Great value and service.

What’s the diff btw Israeli and Armenian style shwarma?

this may not be the difference consistanly across the board----but in my experience, Armenian shwarma is cooked on a vertical spit like al pastor or gyro meat then sliced thin directly off the spit (sometimes then crisped up a bit on the flat top griddle—like @ Arax) into the pita.

Israeli shwarma is chopped up chunks of marinated chicken that I believe is grilled then into pita. Also @ Ta-eem they have pargiot which is grilled chicken thigh which I really like (I prefer dark meat poultry), but their shwarma is pretty juicy and flavorful for chicken breast due to the marinade.

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I love the shawerma at RoRo’s Chicken on Sunset and Cherokee in Hollywood. I actually prefer it over Ta-eem and Zankou’s versions.

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joe’s falafel, chicken shawarma on laffa (sp?) bread made to order. be sure to get some hot sauce if you like it spicy.

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Thank you for all the replies. The most important question: Do they all have that garlic paste?

Joes = yes on request but I personally prefer without (unlike Zankou). I believe tahini is the default sauce.

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RoRo’s most definitely has garlic sauce.

Joe’s also has a great shawarma bowl with beans, rice, etc.

Joe’s is fantastic. Their hummus is really top notch as well. They have the garlic sauce (toum) which is made in-house.

nope. tahini @ both places

Fatima’s in Bell.

Yes, garlic sauce aplenty.

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I prefer tahhini to the garlic-bomb suace as well.

carnival in sherman oaks. cooked on a split.

And some of the best labneh in the city.

I think all proper shawarma is cooked on a rotating spit. I personally would probably skip it at any place that doesn’t do it that way.

The main differentiating characteristic of Israeli-style shawarma is the toppings. They’re usually more diverse with different kinds of salads, cole slaws, etc. Also, Israeli-style shawarma is sometimes marinated with curry.

@Luluthemagnificent, if you’re looking for the garlic sauce like they serve at places like Zankou and Sunnin, I would probably skip Israeli-style places like Joe’s, Ta-eem Grill, etc. Even if they serve garlic sauce, it’s not a condiment you usually find at such places.

For that style, I would try a Lebanese place like Falafel Arax, as @LAgirl suggested. I’ve also heard great things about Sahara in Anaheim but have never been myself.

Mediterranean Cafe in Pasadena, 273 Shoppers Lane. This place is the bomb!