Best Chinese in mid-city?

Shrimp fried rice, Kung pao, orange chicken. Panda is disgusting.

And mid-city covers a huge swath of territory, so hard to know how to pinpoint what area you want.
If Century CIty counts Meizho Dongpo will make those dishes fairly well.

Other than that, there really isn’t anything great, or even very good.
As for average places:
Mao’s Kitchen
Genghis Cohen
Hunan Taste
Hunan Cafe
Kung Pao Bistro

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New Port Seafood in Beverly Hills?

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Because you said:

That’s what I was afraid of.

Thank you! Looks good.

Hmm, if Joss is considered Mid City second Meizho Dongpo.

Plus 1 on Joss. Its pretty limited. Not popular on CH but Bao is pretty good IMO.

Fuck CH, this is FTC.

Bao is indeed, not too bad.

i like bao ok…never thought id say this about food, but i think their stuff is too big. midcity i agree newport is the best although i’d still drive to santa ana for the lobster…for cheap and fast delivery – yes very cheap – with some good (and horrendous) options incl. their roast pork wonton soup China Catering (Beverly and Sweetzer) can work.

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