Best Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown--CBS Seafood?

Don’t want to make too big of a deal since Chinatown is more about non-Chinese food these days and there hasn’t been a destination Chinese restaurant in Chinatown since 1999. But sometimes you’re in Chinatown and need a place to eat, but for the last 15 years that place hasn’t been C B S Seafood. I pop in there once every couple of years only because they have a nice parking lot, so on one of those visits a couple of weeks ago I was really surprised by the upgrade in the food there. Not SGV quality (though strangely higher than SGV in price) but certainly good enough to edge out Phoenix Inn. And for the nontraditional, CBS serves some of its dim sum dishes at night.

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Thanks for heads up. My parents actually love CBS

i think you’ll find some folks including myself preferring hop li.


CBS is pretty good if you don’t want a few extra miles drive to SGV.

If you want some relic of Chinese food from 3 decades ago.

Qin is The Only Chinese food in Chinatown. Rest is whatevs.

@tonyc posted this on his yelp review:

apparently they failed due to consecutive cockroach discoveries. gone for good.

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Probably the fault of the new owners. The original owners (ie the old ABC Seafood wait staff) had operated it for many years before selling it off.