Best Chive Steamed Dumplings in SGV?

I’m seeking thin skinned steamed chive dumplings in SGV for a New Year Dim Sum outing this weekend. Favorites?? I’ve had some good ones but completely forget where!!!

Thanks FTC!!

the times i’ve recalled having chive dumplings them have been in places that have a chiu-chow influence. and the last ones i had tasted of soap so i’m not going to recommend the place even though it’s been over a year and someone.might have just had an off day.

Thanks secret. I recently had the chiu-chow at Xiang Yuan which is kind of why I am seeking the real deal now with just chives only.

I just know Ive seen them at a top Dim Sum spot in the last year…I need your help FTC community!


Here’s a pic from Food GPS of Sea Harbor’s chive and shrimp one that’s real close. I seem to recall the one I had as being chive only.

Are you looking for har gow (as your picture shows), or steamed dumplings?

If the former, it’s hard to beat the ones at Sea Harbour or Elite. But har gow is a dim sum specialty, so look in that space for chive-centric har gow dishes.

If the latter, then try Din Tai Fung. No, I am most definitely not talking about XLB. Rather, DTF does steamed dumplings rather well, and their execution of steamed dumplings with chives and pork, or just chives and other vegetarian fillings, are rather exemplar. In fact, the DTF version of kimchi pork steamed dumplings is sort of, how do you say, pretty good?

I refer to them interchangeably as steam dumplings but yes you are right they are technically har gow. I am seeking the translucent tapioca wrapped dumpling skin not the flour based one like I believe are the ones at DTF.

Yes, I those are pretty good too but just not what Im seeking this weekend! Thanks IPS.

Not directly what you are looking for but if you really want some more pure chive flavor you can get the Chiu Chow chive cake (not steamed), it is all chive filling and the rest of the day you will have epic chive burps. You can do a slight dip in fish sauce or do the whole soy/vinegar/chile sauce dip.

Also scrambled eggs with lots and lots of chives with some hot sauce over some rice!
I think some restaurants can do this on request but damn if you like chives this is it!
Non-Chinese people also ask what I eat at home and I tell them scrambled egg dish, a plate of greens, and soup!


Then. Go check out Shen Hui in West Covina that @chandavkl posted about.

you saw them in the dim sum thread in a post for china red. they were chive with pork.

Thank you kind sir, I believe that you are correct!

My wife now tells me they look like this with the green har gow skin. Anyone know where to find these?

Reverse image search shows this place

Some Thai-Chinese place in Dubai. They deliver!

Seriously though, “colorful” dim sum has not really caught on with SGV.

Found it! Was actually shrimp and spinach har gow at Lunasia!!!

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While my fellow Cantos may eat Pork-Chive dumplings at home it is not a common dim sum filling IMO. I’ll have to look thru the menus to double check. I think China Red is a mixture of Canto and Commie which might explain why you saw it there.

Like I and others said for pure chives, it’s going to be the Chiu Chow places.

Pork-chive? Take your pick at most dumpling houses