Best Chocolate in Los Angeles?

What the best chocolate/hot chocolate/chocolate anything in Los Angeles? I’m very willing to search far and wide.

I love the truffles at Compartes in Brentwood, but was wondering if there’s anything else out there. Might you have any suggestions?


imho, the best chocolate sauce for desserts is the cordillera ‘Sumapaz’ bittersweet chocolate sauce that Pitfire Pizza serves on their soft-serve.

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Chocolate hazelnut twist at Blackmarket Bakery (OC and other locations).

Here is a site from a chocolate expert with recommendations on places to buy and what to buy:

He teaches a class at UCLA extension and provides samples…

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Not chocolate but the English Toffee at LittleJohns Candies at The Original Farmers Market is one of the best things you’ll ever eat!


Spent $300 at little Johns the other day! Toffee is awesome but damn is it expensive.

Their toffee is a LOT better than their chocolate though IMO

Still haven’t found a local purveyor as good as LA Burdick so I’m curious where this thread ends up.


Really like the flourless chocolate cake with Sea Salt they serve at Commissary. Chocolate salted caramel cake at Republique is decadent and awesome too.

This is very true. A Bob’s apple fritter is also a good idea. You know. Just for while you’re in line at Little Johns.


My son thinks Surfas makes the best hot chocolate in Los Angeles. It is pretty good, creamy, rich and with a caramel note.


The hot chocolate here is less a drink and more like “chocolate gravy”

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Also found at Churros Calientes (actually Venezuelan, but the chocolate here is close enough to the Spanish style to fool most West LA peeps)…


Chocovivo in Culver City, near the Corner Door and the Detour is quite good.

Anything chocolate? :slight_smile: That is a broad net to cast ! I lean towards lighter, milk chocolate flavors, I am a big fan of Leonides pralines for example, even though I can appreciate nuances of dark chocolate too. IMHO the best “chocolates” in LA are made by Valerie Confections. Her toffees, which are the first chocolates she created, are really special. (I also respect her use of local ingredients in her other products, her apricot jam is sublime, and that she researched and has recreated historical cakes that were popular in Los Angeles past, such as her version of Brown Derby’s Grapefruit Cake.)
I prefer to go to her original location in Korea Town, best selection, and always a generous sample tray !!! Yum.

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Oh, ciaolette, you’ve touched a sore spot! Leonidas is my wife’s very favorite chocolate. When we moved to Santa Monica, there was a Leonidas store within walking distance. It closed, and the space was taken by what we still call “the evil Jamba Juice”. We order online from New York once a year. We curse the evil JJ every time we walk past it.

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From a serious foodie perspective – I think the best you can do with chocolate is buy Amedei and Pralus chocolate bars on Amazon.

Their Chuao bar pairs wonderfully well with a glass of Talisker 18.

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+1. I don’t know if Valerie is “the best”, but certainly amazing. We got a box of mixed chocolates @ work from Valerie and I LOVED the couple of pieces I tried. The toffee—great (although a different texture and consistency than Little John’s—which is high on my toffee list) and the caramel was very very good.

Amedei Chuao or Porcelana - especially when it was the “buy 1 get 1 free” on your birthday at my local shop in SF…though they changed the policy later.

Best Chocolate in L.A. : At Casa J_L, with my secret stash of Pierre Marcolini from Belgium… A distant second is a tie between the “loose-shard” chocolat chaud from Leonidas, and the decadent chocolate truffles of Yvan Valentin (you can purchase some at Wally’s Cheesebox).

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Letterpress chocolate is pretty darn good.