Best cocktail bars?

I’ve been looking for some great cocktail bars in LA and would love some recs. Apotheke is a good start, what else is there? I’d love something like Attaboy in NY.

my favorite has been the Maybourne Bar in beverly hills. i like mature, serious, quiet.

Haven’t gone to indoor bars since the pandemic started but I used to like the Wellesbourne.


wolf and crane is great when its not busy. Very impressive Japanese whisky collection

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Any part of town or other guidance?

I like Everson Royce Bar
1886 at The Raymond
Good Housekeeping
Here & Now
(RIP Sonny’s Hideaway)


The Cigar and Whiskey Bar
Umbrella Club at SIXTY Beverly Hills
The Normandie Club
Bar Flores
The Varnish
Wyman Bar
Good Housekeeping HLP
1886 Bar at The Raymon


Normandie Club
Bar Henry
Mermaid Lounge
Roger Room
The Wolves
Slipper Clutch


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You said Jumbo’s didn’t you

I’m going in with Neat for the sick mezcals


All great recs, thanks! I’m in silverlake so am looking for something around the east side

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i am not a fan of Apotheke. Really unbalanced cocktails.

on east side ish - death and co which is in NY, but also great in LA.
Varnish in DTLA
Everson Royce Bar
1886 bar at the raymond
Capri Club (new, really good!)

if you’re not opposed to going to a restaurant bar (where I think some of the best cocktails are being made)

Kato (top 3 cocktail spot for me)

non east side

cigar and whiskey bar at the Maybourne. Cocktail program is incredible.
Here’s looking at you


Thirsty Crow

Cocktails at Atrium in Los Feliz are good, which is a plus because the food is unimpressive. I love the variety of gin drinks at Bar Moruno too. The drinks at Zebulon are surprisingly decent and it’s quiet on non-show nights. Wish they were still open on weekend afternoons.

When they first opened the cocktails were very impressive but we noticed a drop in quality and service on subsequent visits. We hope that was a glitch but not sure we want to give it another chance

I thought it was funny that Apotheke wouldn’t let us in because I was wearing flip flops so we had to go to Majordomo instead. We crossed it off the list on another visit and I have no desire to return.


Looks like everyone’s already recommended my go to spots so to vouch in no particular order:

Death & Co
Normandie Club / Bar
Seven Grand and the bar right below called V DTLA


Bar Stella
Blue Collar
Roger Room

Completely forgot about seven grand.

Definitely a must if you’re a fan of brown water

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per usual, i will slander attaboy everytime they come up. I asked for something earthy and sharp one time and they made me a dark n stormy with ginger ale then charged me 20 dollars. Eff that place.

good to know Capri Club is good! Meaning to check it out.