Best Cold Smoked Salmon / Nova?

So what’s your favorite in the 5 boroughs?

Acme out in Greenpoint, Russ & Daughters (obviously) and Nordic Preserves at Essex Market.

Thanks @small_h. Can you elaborate on Nordic Preserves, that’s a new one for me.

I purchased some freshly sliced nova from Zabar’s today. Not sure why, but it was super oily (in a good way) and silky. Does an experienced slicer really make such a huge difference?? I’ve purchased fresh sliced from R&D, Greengrass, Sables, & Acme but don’t recollect it being as good. Looks like I may need to conduct another shootout soon.

I’m the last one to have an informed opinion but we like Zabar. Still have a couple of coffee mugs :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say huge, but the Russ & Daughters slicers can cut a piece of salmon that’s practically translucent, which I think gives it a more luxurious texture. I haven’t been to Zabar’s in decades, since it’s a) further from me than Russ & Daughters and b) more expensive than Acme.

It’s a vendor in Essex Market. Prices on par with Russ & Daughters, quality not quite as good, but an interesting variety. This lists some of what you’ll find there - they also make bagel and other sandwiches.

Yes, quite a gem indeed. I was especially surprised by their wide selection of cheese and kitchenware on the 2nd floor. This particular pan caught my eye but didn’t pull the trigger.

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Thanks for jogging my memory, recollect walking by them in Essex Market. Will have to check them out next time I’m there.

The thin slicing technique and resulting texture was quite revelatory. My 1/2 lb pack (finished it all last nite) was literally dripping salmon oil :yum: I’ll have to pay extra attention on the slicer’s proficiency next time I go smoked salmon shopping.

But if it cooks the same as CI, then I’ll stick with my supply of CIs.

I have some airline miles I need to use and not enough for intl so maybe NYC. Been out of bagels for the longest time.

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As I attempt to get back on a diet regimen, I’ll take this opportunity to conduct an utterly unscientific study of local specialty deli cold smoked salmon offerings. Rankings will lean towards my preference for silky, lightly salted and not oversmoked salmon.

Kicking off with (ranked in descending order):

Russ & Daughter:

  1. Irish Organic
  2. Gaspe Nova
  3. Scottish
  4. Norwegian
  5. Western Wild

Have you been to Nordic Preserves in Essex Market? I had their nova today. I can’t say if it was better or worse than R&D’s without a side-by-side, but it was very good. I’m also a big fan of Acme out in Greenpoint (which is a source for R&D, I’m pretty sure). Fish Fridays!

Plan at the moment is to hit the following places and taste all the cold smoked salmon (hand sliced only, not prepackaged) offered and rank them. Once I’ve covered them all, I’ll do a final tasteoff of the #1 picks from each to crown the winner.

  1. Nordic Preserves
  2. Barney Greengrass
  3. Zabar
  4. Shelsky’s
  5. Sable’s
  6. Acme Fish Friday’s

This journey might take a while :smile:

Keep the party going.with some sit-down meals.

Lox @ the Museum of Jewish Heritage

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journey getting longer … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: at this rate I might have to raise some expedition funds :roll_eyes:

This looks awesome!
Lox @ the Museum of Jewish Heritage

It’s VERY GOOD. I haven’t been to Sadelle’s 'cause the prices give me the vapors.

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Sable’s ranking

  1. Scottish
  2. Nova
  3. Irish
  4. Norwegian
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I’ve been to quite a few mentioned above. But a togo bagel sandwich at Sadelle’s just made me quite happy. All the trimmings and toppings, it would be really annoying of me to complain.

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I’ve had good experiences with presliced smoked salmon from Samaki. Texture is the best I’ve had so far of the non-thin presliced small pack retail offerings. Eager to try it thin sliced to order next…

Man if I lived in New York City I swear I’d be eating real lox every day, belly lox!

God I miss that.

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I ashamed to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever had belly lox. How is it different?

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Lox is cured not smoked and usually made from the belly (if so it will be sold as Belly lox). Belly lox is literally from the belly. It’s very silky, fatty, delicate. All lox is pretty salty, saltier than smoked salmon.

The smoked stuff is now being sold as lox At lots of places, but it’s a con job. :slight_smile: Even Russ and Daughters is bring cute with the wording, though they do sell belly lox.

In my day, when you ordered lox, you got the uncured. The smoked stuff was called Nova and was much more expensive. Now the prices are reversed. Most jewish places on the east coast differentiate between the two,

Here in LA, no one has lox. No one. It’s all nova. Some places will call it smoked salmon or nova, some peddle it as lox.

Aside from smoking, the brine for Nova usually has some type of sugar.

You know you can put a hole in bread and call it a bagel, but if it isn’t boiled, it’s not a bagel. No matter how many times they tell you that it is. But there are no police for that here lol