Best Cooking Classes in L.A.?


Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for great single event Cooking Classes around L.A.? (ideally 2 - 4 hours max)


I actually enjoy the classes offered at Surfas. I’ve gone to 3-4 classes at the Costa Mesa location, and have learned gnocchi, pasta, canapés, and gingerbread decorating.

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Thanks @attran99! I glanced at Surfas, seems all their weekend classes (not surprisingly) are all sold out.

Also, they seem to start late (5:30 p.m.) and last through 8:30 p.m. or so. Is it set that way so that at the end of the class you can just eat the food you just cooked?


@Chowseeker1999 Yes, you do get to eat your work after the class is over. There’s always more than enough, so you get generous servings of each dish. The classes are quite popular, but it’s not often when I can’t get into a class that I want…or at least, that’s how it works in Costa Mesa.

ST Patisserie

Edit: sorry not in LA

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They have good classes at the Sur La Table on 3rd and Fairfax. Also…a number of restaurants hold classes. You might google for a list. I know they have some at Border Grill…and the Patina group does them as well. There’s also a group called HipCooks…and they have a number of classes that they hold regularly. Lots of options. I know they have downtown and westside locations. I haven’t been…but I hear that they’re a lot of fun.

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good thread, keep 'em coming.

Reminds me of this infamous thread…


New School of Cooking in Culver City offers an assortment of recreational classes, usually on Saturdays. They update their class catalog quarterly - popular ones fill up quickly (pasta workshops) but there are generally many openings to be found. Classes are three hours and you eat everything at the end.

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I did some free demos at The Gourmandise School and my wife has done a couple of the longer (halfday-ish) classes. Really great instructors:

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Thanks @perk. I’ll check out Sur La Table and HipCooks. I called Patina Group and sadly, they said they stopped doing cooking classes. :frowning:

Thanks @CletusVanDamme @A5KOBE @theoffalo! Bookmarked.

Did she happen to go to one of their knife skills classes? It’s something at which I’m woefully inadequate, and I see they have a Sunday evening class in February that would actually fit into my schedule. Thanks!

I did a knife class at LA Cooking School, 10938 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 (a gift from my wife, who gained a prep man in the process). It was great, and probably saved me a finger or two. I liked it enough that I did another class there, one on Cuban cooking. The facilities are nice, the classes aren’t too big, and they seem to know what they’re doing. Sometimes the ones in restaurants seem to be a bit of a hustle to me.

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I don’t believe so. I think she did a bread class, a pastry class, and a chocolate class.

Park’s BBQ

Gourmandises’ Knife Skills 101 class in February will be taught by Gill Boyd – he’s a very experienced instructor. I took a series of 4 classes with him last year.

Even if the co-founder of the school, Clemence Gossett isn’t teaching a knife skills course, she always makes sure to ask students at the beginning of class to see if anyone needs knife basics or a refresher. Themed classes have students of varying levels and the instructors will modify instruction accordingly. Here’s a photo of the Crepes class I took with her last Fall:

Pictured are Beggar’s Purse (top left); Layered Crepe Cake (top right); and Crepes Suzette (bottom center).

I’ve taken over a dozen classes at Gourmandise since 2014 and will be taking a 4 part series with a different instructor at the school this year – I highly recommend Gourmandise at Santa Monica Place.

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