Best corkscrew for someone arthritic

Mods, if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move. My SO is looking for a corkscrew that will work well with her arthritic hands. She’s had pretty good success in the past with the winged type, and we’ve heard that the ones with the helix work better than the central-screw design. Any specific suggestions? Again, since she’s arthritic, other designs like the two-prong work-in-and-pull-hard type are out from the start. TIA!

Could always go electric?

Hold the thing over the bottle and the electronic mechanisms insert into the cork and extract with very little effort from the user.

I’ve gone through one, it broke, and I didn’t enjoy it enough to replace it. But if I had mobility issues, I’d definitely go electric.

I found some recs from Serious Eats.


But the hardest plastic corks can fuck up the screw.


The Cuisinart electric corkscrew (budget pick in the Serious Eats article) is a favorite in my family.